Hard Money Loans

For Real Estate Investors

We're investors, too.

Being real estate investors ourselves makes us better hard money lenders for other real estate investors like you. We look at each investment opportunity as if we were the ones investing our own dollars and see things from your standpoint. In other words, we get it.

We use minimal, simple forms to pre-qualify borrowers quickly. We have absolutely NO junk fees and we disclose all of our fees upfront to help with project budgeting.

Every single one of our clients receives a complimentary profit assessment using our proprietary calculator and ROI coaching on their investment property.

Most projects are funded within just 10 days.

Experts in PA, NJ and Nationwide

We offer hard money loans for real estate investors seeking investment properties in PA, NJ and nationwide.

Business Loans Only

We provide funding for non-owner occupied properties that will be rehabbed and then sold or rented and refinanced, plus new construction and bridge/acquisition financing.

Flexible Loan Amounts

We provide hard money loans from $75,000 and up.

Term and LTV

Terms of 12 months, up to 90% of purchase price, up to 100% of rehab budget, and up to 75% ARV.

Straight Forward Rehab Loan Programs

Fix & Flip: up to 90% LTC, 75% LTARV
New Construction: up to 85% LTC, 75% LTARV
Origination Fees: as low as 2%
Interest Rate: as low as 9%
Doc Prep Fee: $950
Wire Fee: $30
Rehab Draw Fee: $250

All Interest Payments can be built into the loan

100% Financing Options available for well qualified borrowers

Simple 3-Step Process Loans are granted
in as little as 10 days.

1. Pre-Qualify

Complete application and provide supporting documentation.

2. Proof of Funds

Increase your buying power with a proof of funds (POF) letter.

3. Get Funded

Submit project information for quick, in-house review and ROI coaching.

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